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Surprised Pregnant Woman

The Day You Give Birth
300,000 women
around the world
will be giving birth too...

Imagine all of you becoming mothers together

- Pam England

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Hello, welcome and thanks for finding this site.

What can I help you with? -

Hypnobirthing Australia™ Classes or Core of Life Education at your school?

Hello! I'm Margaret - I'm a Midwife, Hypnobirthing Australia™ Practitioner and Core of Life Facilitator.

BIRTH POSITIVELY: Firstly, Congratulations!

Chances are that if you are here, you are looking into options on preparing for your labour and birth,

and wanting to be ready for this amazing life transition is what lead you to this page in the first place.

I believe knowledge can empower those seeking the information.
I would like to give you the opportunity to share what I know.
I will be able to assist you with the positive birthing outcomes you wish to work towards; 

presenting you and your birth support with evidence-based information,

tools and techniques to be confidently prepared for whatever path your birth journey takes you on.

YOUTH EDUCATION: If you are an secondary school educator, then consider complimenting your health education curriculum through the Core of Life program, which gives youth appropriate evidence based education on pregnancy and birth information, and choices. This course is usually implemented across the year 9 and 10 levels and prepares adolescents confidently make suitable and informed choices regarding sexual and reproductive health, thus discouraging unplanned teenage pregnancy.

Scroll down for links to more information.

Pregnant Woman in Nature


Hypnobirthing Australia™ is a unique childbirth education program, designed for women and their birth partners to encounter a POSITIVE birth experience. This is achieved by providing the knowledge and tools to understand the birth process, and in turn the ability to stay calm, positive and comfortable through labour. The program presents you with proven techniques based on current evidence and research, to help prepare the mind and body for birth. These include breathing, deep relaxation, affirmations, visualisation and self-hypnosis



Hi, I'm Margaret.

I am a mother to four, and have two grandchildren. I have an amazing husband who has supported my many passions and ideas, and who made the choice to stay at home and raise our children so I can pursue my dreams.

I am a registered health professional working in the continuity of care space, both in hospital and home birth settings.

I promote a holistic approach to birth and support the belief that labour and birth can be a positive experience and not one that you should fear. I can teach you the tools for a calm, positive, satisfying and supported birth, whatever the outcome!!

This is my passion! I love what I do - its as plain and simple as that.

Teen Students


The purpose of the Core of Life (COL) education program is to provide a nationally recognised life education program, aimed at 14-17 year old youths in the local region.

The Core of Life program offers a proven innovative, “hands on” pregnancy and parenting program for adolescents, providing current researched based information about pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding and early parenting , with an aim of achieving better health outcomes for young people and families and strengthening the connection to support services within our wider community.

As a trained facilitator of the program, I aim to be presenting this program to local secondary schools

Hypnobirthing Australia

was approached by

Channel 7 Sunrise's program producers to be featured during Sam Mac's weather segment and this was the result.

What a great way to showcase the positive benenfits of

The Positive Birth Program, and how it helps prepare birth couples for a calm and positive birth experience.

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Don't just take my word about what I do.... Just ask others about it!

Natalie Edwards

From the moment I met Margaret, I felt calm and knew second time around was going to be so much better. Margaret was able to provide me with the holistic care that I needed. I was calm, prepared and armed with knowledge. My second labour was amazing. It was quick, natural and I gave birth the way I had always dreamed of. I still feel so proud and empowered by the experience.

 I was fortunate to get Marg . From the minute I met her I felt comfortable and found her to be easy to approach with all the crazy questions a first time mum would ask. No matter what question I asked Marg she knew the answer to, she was knowledgeable in all areas.  Marg was able to provide me with all necessary information I needed.

Even after having bubs, I was able to contact Marg with any concerns. I would highly recommend Marg for any first time mums or mums looking to have more children.

Louise Dammous

We recently just finished our private Hypnobirthing course with Marg. We couldn’t recommend it more!! Marg is absolutely outstanding and completely full of knowledge surrounding having a positive birth regardless of how you birth. Marg has such a warm presence that makes you feel comfortable straight away, we highly recommend this course to anyone having a bubba! We have learnt so much!! We feel very prepared for our birth!

Stephanie Clark


Cairns Qld 4870, Australia


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